Saturday, October 30, 2010


Celebrating Dad's birthday at Rosie's restaurant, in Middlebury.

Helping friends butcher chickens!

Friends helping us gather our winter wood.

Cutting wood for Nicholas and Beth.!

Building nativity sets with friends.

Vacation in Maine

Sunrise, 1st morning, Old Orchard Beach, Maine.

Sand patterns on north end of Old Orchard Beach.

Rock jetty.

Atop the jetty.

Sunrise, 2nd morning, Old Orchard Beach, Maine.

Beach fun with friends.

Iocco family, Kennebunkport, Maine.

Fishing, Kennebunkport.

One of the rare moments when I'm actually holding a fishing pole (I borrowed it).

The catch of the day!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Trip to Kentucky and Michigan

At long last, in late July, I was able to visit Ben in KY. Here I am enjoying the scenery on the drive out.

Dad and I in central Ohio.

Greeting Ben at his Kentucky apartment.

Showing Ben my artwork.

Chatting with Stephen on Google-talk.

At the Creation Museum in Northern KY.

Ben treated us to burritos for lunch. Really great!!!

Examining some of Ben's art on display at the museum (He painted the dinosaur).

In the Garden of Eden.

Mom snapped this picture before Ben and I went behind-the-scenes into the art department (I actually had an interview that day).

Crossing the Ohio River on our way to Michigan (I was riding with Ben).

Breakfast with Grandpa Iocco.

Finding a rabbit nest on the Telfer farm with uncles and cousins.

The "bunny nest" a little closer.

Volleyball with uncles and cousins.

Nice picture with Grandma Iocco in her garden.

Cleveland, Ohio, on our way home.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bowling with Friends

On Friday evening Stephen and I went with our friends, Kurt O'Connell and Mark McLaughlin, to Bowlerama in Rutland. It was our first time bowling. What a blast!!! This is Kurt above.

This is Mark.

This is Stephen.

This is me. I throw the ball rather funny :-/

This is the score toward the end of the first game.

More pics...

Friday, July 16, 2010

Demolishing Strongholds Study

Every Thursday evening since late April, we've been hosting a study for local young people called "Demolishing Strongholds" - a curriculum produced by Answers in Genesis. I'm the "group leader" (can you believe it!!!!).

It has been a very good study. Everyone seems to enjoy it (at least they keep coming back!) and new people show up occasionally.

I've enjoyed every minute of our time together. I will miss it badly when the study comes to an end. Thanks everyone for coming!